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I have a property in receivership in Reeves County and have filed all the necessary paperwork to get it out of receivership. I was notified the company I was dealing with had sold to another company. This company wanted all the paperwork; so I sent it. I still have not heard anything. This has been going on for approximately a year. I am having to do this myself as I cannot afford a lawyer. I don't know whether to give up or pursue. I live out of state, so it would be a challenge to go to Reeves County, but I would if I thought it would do some good. 

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I wouldn't give up. What is the legal description of the property? 

Mike, thanks for responding. No, I am not interested in selling. Just in getting it out of receivership. Sorry, we just recently found out about all this. Thanks again.

Which operator is it?  Do you have a contact with the new company?  I can search a few professional associations to get you a person to speak with (I have found it best to make phone contact and follow it up with an email to keep track of how long you have been pursuing closure).  Depending on your interest size and the location of the property, it could be a large sum of money so don't give up!  I also have folks that can get documents in and out of Reeves easily--no need to travel in from out of state!  Let me know if you would like our help!


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