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Hello and thanks for all the advice in advance!

I was contacted in 2002 about some mineral rights I was left in a will from my Aunt and Uncle, Apollo Energy leased it for 3 year period.  About 3-4 years ago I was curious about finding out how I can access the same information that they came across to find me.  My Aunt and Uncle died many years ago and I never knew anything about the mineral rights.  Can anyone give me advice on how to obtain the information they used to contact me about the minerals.  It is in Natrona county Wyoming, and I also have the letter that they sent with the contract in regards to the location, I don't have the paper with me here at work but it's township something by range west and 6th pm...... Not really sure what to do with that info.

A few years ago when I called the Apollo Energy they said that well is dry, and nothing ever became of that.  Now is there a way to verify that or since they had me on one end not knowing anything about what I was talking about to verify that the info he gave me was accurate and more importantly how do I go about finding the "proof of ownership" for said minerals to be able to pass along to my children if nothing ever becomes of it before I pass on.

Again thanks in advance!

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Find the referenced letter and provide the exact description of the parcel.  Or if you still have the lease, the location will be on the lease.  With that any number of people on MRF who work in Wyoming can let you know what happened or better, what may happen to your minerals.

With that info you will be in a position to know how much time and expense will be needed to put the minerals in your name in Natrona County.  Maybe Apollo has made an attempt to do so before drilling but probably not.  

You may have inherited other minerals in Natrona county; an area that has more going on than just oil and gas so make certain other areas and minerals are covered in a deed of distribution.  Find the will and know who the Personal Reps may be. 

Gary L Hutchinson

Here is the letter that I received a long time ago.  Hopefully this info will help.


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