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I have been contacted by several companies regarding right-of-way passage across our land for pipeline.  What is a reasonable rate/price per rod?  I understand there are many factors that play a part in pricing so I am just asking to see what others in our area have negotiated.  Thanks in advance.

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Join the Grady County, OK Forum and post this question.

Remember, you will be granting perpetual access; also, ask the number of risers that will be on your property.

I thought I was already...so are you saying post it under "forums" and then "add a new discussion"?  I'm not too savvy with all this, sorry.

Phil........Mr. Moore means for you to go to the Grady County Group Discussion and click on Add A Discussion about your situation.....................

Maybe this will help you..


Clint Liles


The person to talk to is Harlan Hentges.  He is an attorney that handles pipeline issues including eminent domain.  He can be reached at 405.340.6554.  harlan@organiclawyers.com

I imagine this may have to do with the Stack pipeline.


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