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I would appreciate any information or names of good oil & gas attorneys in my area.  Have inherited mineral rights primarily in Oklahoma, some Texas, Kansas.

Thank You  Linda Hane

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Doug Wilguess and David Gleason are excellent oil and gas lawyers. They are in Oklahoma City. 405 235 0200

Thank You Bill for the names of Oklahoma attorneys. I appreciate it.  Linda Hane

Ralph Seals at Hall Estill helped me and was great

Thank You for your information.

What kinds of issues are you facing?  Title, lease negotiations?

My sister and I inherited several mineral rights from my father. Now my sister has past and I thought a good oil and gas attorney could get all rights put in my name.  I feel there are still mineral rights out there in my dad's name that were never transferred over.  

This is probably more of a probate issue.  Probate is a method to get properties into the names of those who inherit.  Do you know which counties are involved?  Most counties have electronic search abilities. 


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