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Thomas, this is the tech support page, you might want to try one of the discussion groups listed under forums in the menu bar at the top of this page

Once you've added someone as a friend is there a way to delete them?


Click on the profile picture of the person to be deleted and when their page comes up---underneath their name is a spot that says Remove as Friend.   Click on that and go from there.

Clint Liles

Hi, I am wanting post an ad but only an error message comes up when I click the "post an add" button.

Please help.




You need to Register first and then you can Login:


Clint Liles

This is not a closed site. Anyone can read the posts. You can only reply if you are registered.

i am new and I cnnot find how to post a question in caddo county on leasing minerals. someone please help me. 

I recently started using Firefox. When I go to login to this forum I receive a warning.

"This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised."

When I read the 'Learn More' section, it is because this site is HTTP rather than HTTPS.

For the security of members, should we not be using HTTPS?


Will Williams

Will, thanks for noticing!  The software provider that we use does not currently offer this capability, but they have indicated they are working on making it available.  

Thank you for info and quick reply. With all the bad things happening with personal information online these days, makes good sense to me to make site secure.




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