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Is something not functioning correctly in the forum? Not sure how to do something or find something? This discussion board is THE place to ask your questions and give help to others.

Just type your question in the editor below.

We use this forum in place of private tech support area, so that members of our community can contribute and so responses benefit everyone. This forum is monitored by seasoned community members and MRF admin staff.  If you have a suggestion for how we can improve, please let us  know here. 

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Buzz, (and all)

You'll be seeing a significantly more robust platform here soon, within 45 days.  It will solve many of the current shortcomings of the current software platform.  Thanks for your patience and contributions to the MRF.

M. Barnes--I use the county link in My Groups and, although it indicates a comment was recently made, some of the discussion comments are not even being posted in each group. Frustrating because I learn a lot from all my groups.

On top of that, I keep getting my postings a day or more after they have been posted... 

Kenny -- thanks for the update... at least the Tech support board seems to be working just fine.  Later -- Buzz

How do I delete some old posts?

Hi Yvonne....at the top right side of your post there will be a small blue X....click on that X and you will be able to delete your post(s).

If you want to delete a 'Discussion' click on options........


Clint Liles


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