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Can someone recommend an appraiser for mineral rights in Ventura County?

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Kay, depending upon the purpose of the appraisal and whether they are producing or non-producing, you may need a specific type of appraiser.  For non-producing mineral interests for the purposes of a probate or other such type of transfer, using the probate referee in the County is typical.  I use Michael Burger with Valbridge here in Kern County for my mineral interests in whatever county for these purposes.  The non-producing interests are typically valued at a flat rate.  Producing minerals are typically valued as to the average amount of income generated for a certain period, such as the last 3 to 5 years, unless you need a valuation for a sale.  If they are producing, or you are looking for a more accurate appraisal for the purposes of selling those rights, the most accurate appraisal is done by a petroleum engineer who values the remaining life of the reservoir and gives you an accurate appraisal of the present-day value of those mineral interests.  Hope this helps.



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