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We have Lease are Mineral Right last year  the well started producing at the end of Sep we still have not got a  Division Order how long do they have to send it and money it in Howard county Sec 31 Block 33

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Sometimes it takes 6 months or so for a Division Order to come Mae. At lease thats my experience. I don't know legally within what time span a Producer has to furnish Division Orders to royalty owners. Hope another person can answer the legalities.

Thank you

I think after 6 months they have to pay you interest.  You should see something soon  YAY

They have 6 months from the date of the first oil or gas being sold to get you a check unless your title isn't clear.  That doesn't mean the day they start producing the well, but when oil or gas are sold.  After 6 months, you need to write them a certified letter and ask for 12% interest.  

Thank you that is so helpful

One more thing how do i no when they started. Selling

They should have already had you ratify your lease.   What company.  You should have had some correspondence with the company.    Call them  - Kimberly Smith Development Resources Inc 

They haven't told us anything the Company is Oxy. We have Turnberry 2705 Sec31 block 33

how do we find out when they started sell the oil

In Gonzales County it took 4 yrs. But they said it was because there was so many of us.

Wow there a lot of us

Around 450 for us. Good luck


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