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Dhara Gayle Hogg
I was wondering if anyone can tell me what and oil lease is going for per mineral acre in Winkler county at this time?

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Hi Dhara, 

Where in Winkler?  What is the legal description to your land or interest? 

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Hi Dhara & Charles—
I have same question for Blks C-26 and C-23 in Winkler.


Jim Bemis

I'll take a look and ask around. 


Block C-23 is in the Northwest Winkler, which is a very good area. Block C-26 is in the central Eastern part of Loving County, which is also a very good area. 

But the each cover a pretty large area, square mileage wise. Can you give me the specific Sections? 

If you are in the right area(s), I have heard of people getting from $8K to $10K for a 3+2 year lease. 

But I can't tell where you are without the Sections. 

Thanks, Charles. Your figures for Winkler County match what I’ve picked up on the digital grape vine. I had forgotten that C-26 was just across the line in Loving. We also have similar old small interests just across the TX line in Lea Co. NM, which also seems to be perking up.

Thanks again — your posts have helped me often the past.

Jim Bemis

You're welcome.  

C-26 is several miles into Loving County. 

In Southern Lea Co you could very possibly get $10K per acre to lease. 

If you wanted to sell, you could very possibly get $30K per acre for leased interests, maybe as much as $40K per acre for unleased interests. 

You’re right again. I goofed on the Blk C-26 description, which should have been: Blk 26 in Winkler Co.
I appreciate your help.

Section 21, Block B-5 of the Public School Lands of Winkler County, Texas. And several more on the same PSL survey.
Section 7 block B-10 psl


I've taken a look at the areas around Sec 21, Blk B-5 PSL and Sec 7, Blk B-10 and nobody seems to be very excited about the areas.  

There is a company named Boyd & McWilliams out of Midland that has some leases and is drilling some wells just to the North of Sec 21, Blk B-5.  You could give them a call and see if they are interested in your interests in and around there. 

Apache has a slew of Horizontal Wells just to the South of Sec 7, Blk B-10.  You could see if they are interested in your interests. 

As far as Bonus Rates, I just couldn't tell you other than to say not as much as further South and further West in Winkler. 

Wish I had better news. 

I have other mineral properties in that area also but they are too numerous to list all. Thank you all for your help!

Further West and further South are better areas, at least from what they appear to know now. If you have anything in those areas, I'll be happy to look them up for you. 


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