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As a real estate investor from way back ,fives years ago first introduced me to dealing with another bundle of rights that I never had to pay attention to. For five years now, I have been a student of distress mineral rights. Throwing my company into tracking and buying wet gas minerals in the wet gas plays of the Utica and Marcellus. This led me to educating myself on a vast global market and infrastructure that has been rapidly constructed to provide the world with its newest feedstock of plastic ......Ethane.
The Utica/Marcellus wet gas play is now the world's source of Ethane.

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Particularly in western Reeves County and eastern Culberson county  near the Davis Mountains upthrust

and the upthrust mountain shied north of IH10/20 at Kent, Texas  there are TREMENDOUS wet gas reservoirs. 

As the area develops, there will be many wells drilled into those formations and many refineries built nearby

to extract and liquify the ethanes.  Should be a lot of extruded plastic products plants spring up along the

IH10/20 corridor from Reeves county to Hudspeth county.  

ol' Lawrence near Verhalen     


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