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I own a 20 acres in Barstow Texas. I've owned it since 2007. I recently found out there are wells and several large storage tanks on the property now. No idea how long they have been there. I live out of state

I was never contacted by anyone about using my land for drilling & storage.. I have no idea who the company is or who the mineral owner is.

Do companies usually contact the surface owner when they are going to install large equipment like this?

How do I find out the companies name who's using my land? I'm new at this.

I know surface owners have little say, but they are using the whole 20 acres since the road they are accessing is on the other side of the storage tanks and wells.

What can I do, if anything? Advice appreciated

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I'm assuming you inherited the property, since I doubt you would have purchased a piece of land without inspecting it.

Perhaps the equipment was installed prior to 2007, under an agreement with the previous owner?  Sometimes surface use agreements call for annual payments, but some are simply one-time payments which you would have missed out on.

I believe it is law that the Company information must be displayed somewhere on the premises.  I would start there.

I'm in Minnesota so looking at the equipment isn't a option right now.

I didn't see the land when I bought it, It's just flat desert land. Saw maps etc.The previous owner didn't mention any activity on the land at that time.


Let's start by giving the Section, Block or Abstract numbers and what County in Texas?   ALL the information you have about the minerals in question and post it on here.


Clint Liles

Ward County. Section 181 Block 34 H &TC Railroad survey

I have no information about the wells & tanks on the land

Good Morning Larry.   On the GIS Map I see 1 dry hole, 2 plugged wells(1 gas-34525, 1 oil-35513), an older gas well-31792/completed 1979/Exxon Corp), 1 producing oil/gas well-35494, and 1 permitted location/37091/February 17, 2017/Anadarko E & P Onshore LLC/Operator # 020528.   I see no spud date (begin drilling) on approved location 37091...so don't know if this well has been drilled.   Anadarko is definitely the Operator you would need to contact.

GIS Map of Ward Co. Section 181/Block 34/A-265:


Contact info for Anadarko:



PO BOX 1330


(832) 636-3130

Clint Liles

Thank You Clint & TennisDaze

Here is the Google earth map of my land.


(You need to scroll down a bit)

Looks pretty active by all the truck tracks

Certainly a lot of activity all over that area and possibly trespassing?

Clint Liles

I have 3 easements . 1 pipeline easement which I just completed. 1 truck access, and 1 for a water line for a year's time.

To me it looks like they drive to those holding tanks a lot. I'm not sure who's tanks they are yet

Well I contacted Anadarko c/o Frank Davis, sent a real polite letter stating my questions & concerns. Never got a call back or reply. Any suggestions?

Per your deed, you acquired E/2 of SE/4 of SE/4 of Section 181 which is 20 acres.  Section 181 contains 640 acres.  Your tract is along the east side of the section from the corner.  Looking at the RRC gis viewer and at DI maps and turning on the imagery base maps, there is a tank battery on Section 172 to south and a tank battery on Section 180 to the west.  The lateral horizontal wellbore of Chevron 34-181 1H well parallels the southern section line in Section 181, but that well has its pad at the other end of the section.  So I do not see any tanks or equipment on your tract in Section 181.  When you are on the ground, it is very difficult to determine where the section lines are located as there are no signs.  The sections are actually angled so that what you might think of as the SE corner is really the east corner of the section.  This may have caused your confusion about the location of the tank batteries.


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