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At the interface of Devonian and Silurian "free oil and petroleum eithers" @ "2356 feet were found in a public private 1901, 55th US Congress survey with Missouri Bureau of Geology and Water and owner.  This was the "deepest in the world" #1 Diamond Drill HOLE at that time by Sullivan Machine/Chicago.  It is located at Section 4 Township 59 N / Range 38 W 5th P.M., can anyone in today's fracking know an O&G operator who may invest by royalty, bonus or share in this 100 + year find?

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Is this in Missouri? I could help with some questions if you are interested.


Matt, Basically are there any independent O&G operators interested in revisiting this World'sDeepest #1 Diamond Drill Hole at time specialized vertical of course, reflexive it seems from the NB Richardson County operating, and now since fracking is pushing way over 2+ miles? cgebhart


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