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And the gas company is only making me a very small part of the unit even thou i am with in a few hundred feet of the other well pad according to them...what are my options...its in belmont co. Ohio

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The State will designate the size of the spacing unit for the well and everyone who owns an interest inside the Unit will get a share of the well based on how many acres they own in the unit.  It doesn't natter how close you are to the well.


Steve is right, but it seems to me you are more concerned about the issues of drainage and having control of your lands as far as operations.  In my opinion, neither are of significant concern to you.

Drainage is only a concern in conventional production, that by vertical wells.  I will not get into why here because it is complicated, but you only have to worry about being drained if the proposed wells are vertical.  To speak more specifically, I need to know whether it is a horizontal or vertical well (non-conventional or conventional production) proposed for your lands.

As to control of your lands, unitization is unavoidable in Oklahoma given the availability of forced pooling.  Additionally, spacing allotments are controlled by the state so you do not get to choose which unit your lands fall into even without forced pooling.  Leases are pooled into units, so a pool of leases is synonymous with a production unit.  I am unaware whether Ohio has forced pooling, but your options are determined by the availability of this procedure in Ohio as well as other particulars.  Again, I need more information to be more specific.

Let me know if I can help further.

Ryan Epley



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