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Anyone know what the going rate is for an easement offered by Tesla and an Oil pad bid by BHP Billington go for? Land is in Reeves County section 28. Thanks.

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What size of pipe are they putting in?  As to the well pad, it depends on whether they have the right to drill at that location.

BHP Billington has the right to drill. They leased from us in 2016. Now they are offering $$$ for well pad and facility pad. 

The agreement with Tesla (Grand Prix pipeline) just says permanent easement and ROW agreement. I see no mention of size of the pipe. 

Rick, as Mr. Cotten said, you definitely need to know the diameter of pipe Targa plans on installing and if they'll have the right to re-enter said Right of Way to install more lines in the future or not.  It's also crucial you find out the length of pipe or number of rods they plan on laying through your property, that would help us get a better ballpark of compensation.  In your post in the Reeves Group, you had said BHP is offering $22k for the pad, I think that seems like a fair offer considering they have the right to drill.  

Thanks for correcting me SouthTex, I meant Targa. I'll definitely find that information you provided out before anything is signed! Thanks.

A poster on another thread here suggested we look at the University Of Texas Land Fee Schedule. Heres a link. I found the site quite informative:



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