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Greetings.  This is for mineral owners generally located from north of Weimar on 155 down to Oakland on 532 and on down to Breslau. Then west to a Freyburg / Komensky line.  If you don't know where these places are, you're probably in the wrong place.

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Dont worry those oil companies know what they are leasing.  They have tested the area many times. (Lavaca Fayette)

Eventually, I think if you have land in the (oil window) you will be held under production.  The output might be higher and lower depending on the knowledge of the driller.  For example Penn Virginia knows exactly what they got drilled / lease territory  and as they drill more wells in the area the more efficient they will get. EOG is even better at getting the most production out of a unit.  So just bc one well produced low that does not mean the area is no good its just a learning curve.  IF the area was terrible they wouldn't be leasing. Also,  oil co. lease so they can get financial backing for  future wells. They put that down as future revenue win win for the land owner and the oil co.  it will just take time.  You can see how they  working their way up from the south which is the best territory to the the north eagle ford area.

Maybe DCP Intrastate Network, LLC for the west - east gathering line to Hwy 77.

Could be DCP Intrastate for the main line along Hwy 77 as well.

I wonder if a contract was signed for a certain amount of transmission capacity and that got the west - east gathering line built.

I can say for sure that the Bigham pipeline ties into the DCP Midstream north south pipeline.


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