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Greetings.  This is for mineral owners generally located from north of Weimar on 155 down to Oakland on 532 and on down to Breslau. Then west to a Freyburg / Komensky line.  If you don't know where these places are, you're probably in the wrong place.

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There is a second pad that Cypress was going to drill east of the existing Bigham well and also a frac pond they built for the first well. I don't know if the pad is actually on the old Bigham property. It makes a lot of sense to drill there with all the assets already there. Also a pipeline on the property.

That's the location I referred to as being utilized by this company. For those exact reasons you mentioned, their infrastructure costs will be lower since they can utilize what's there and in good shape. 

I assume we are talking about HBR here. If so, must be why they leased up some of the St. John area acreage this spring. Pay dirt at Bigham could mean the same nearby and all feed into that pipeline. Fingers crossed here!

Yup, they leased all around the Bigham Unit. Fingers majorly crossed!

I wonder if they are going after the Wolters unit as well?

Not that I am aware of. Apparently the surface owner took over the wellbore and I can only presume he's just producing a few barrels a day. A stripper well type set up. 

Google Earth shows those pads.  I've done an image of four and had included the Matador pad adjoining the RR tracks SW of Engle but then it didn't show enough detail.  Hope it comes out.



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