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Greetings.  This is for mineral owners generally located from north of Weimar on 155 down to Oakland on 532 and on down to Breslau. Then west to a Freyburg / Komensky line.  If you don't know where these places are, you're probably in the wrong place.

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I'd start betting on sports events if every site I accessed was a day ahead.  However, I saw that as well and was able to get a general idea of where those Units are located.

On a related issue, I drove out to Ammannsville the day before yesterday and Patterson-UTI #236 is still in the same place.  It's been the same place now for over three weeks and to me this means that they almost have to be drilling both of those units, Osina & Breitkreuz, at the same time.  (Conjecture!)

I sure would like to see some additional GeoSouthern permits more to the SW.

As of yesterday, there's a new well permitted.  It's by BEUSA Energy, LLC. <pause>  Well I guess everyone had the same reaction that I did... who?  Interwebz searches reveal more or less nothing about the company itself except that it's based in The Woodlands.  A 750 acre unit called Kveton Brothers A-305, located WSW of Swiss Alp, with the upper portion of the unit located more or less where the Swiss Alp Hall Road comes into FM 3171, and extending off to the SE.

I take it back a little.  I did some research on texasfile.com and most all of the mineral owners in that unit leased to Beland Energy LLC.  Note the similarity in names?

I had high expectations about many things happening, but this was not one of them.  If anyone has any comments in this regard, please post. 

Looks like this company BELAND has leased over 5,000 acres since last October in fayette county, most in the same area.  This well the Kveton is just north of the Cheers unit and to the west of a unit that was plugged July 2016, no production, but not indicated as a dry well either.  Looks like this company picked up the most northern  expired leases from Sanchez....between the Sante north and cheers unit and to the north...  This well looks interesting since it is in an area that has a lot of plugged verticals...and all the productive chalk action is to the north, west and east of all of their leases.  I wish these people good luck since we need something to happen in this area.

There are a couple of other energy companies located in the woodlands...I know Geosouthern is in spring texas, which borders the Woodlands......

GeoSouthern permitted another well, Schlabach.  But it's 4.9 miles SE of Round Top so.... yeah.

As with a confused motorist, I feel like yelling, 'YER GOIN' THE WRONG WAY!!!'


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