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Greetings.  This is for mineral owners generally located between Breslau and Dubina; Freyburg and Komensky.  If you don't know where these places are, you're probably in the wrong place.

Our focus is on activity or even rumors of activity in this general area during these difficult times in the oil patch.

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You can add a pin about a mile south of your lowest SE pin. There were leases signed and paid whereas leases right next door were rescinded. The leases that got paid were signed "as is" by the landowner. I was told by the landman (Jeter) that I was in the southern portion of the formation they were chasing. He called the formation "Neeland", "Kneeland" "Nielend", etc. I would love to here from a geologist if there is a formation in our area that sounds similar to those names.  This was straight from the landman at Jeter so take it for what its worth. He also said that EOG was rescinding because of the competition in the area which I believe is what ML is saying.

My hubby and his brothers signed a lease with EOG in January and I think it was maybe the last lease EOG signed in the area from what I'm reading on this blog before they stopped. Their land is between -H- and Breslau off 957 so you can put a pin around that area..? Haven't heard from them since the lease signing. All is quiet.

Washington Irving,

The angle of the yellow pins showing activity on the western edge of your map reminds me of the angle often shown on maps for the eastern edge of what was considered the more promising parts of the Eagle Ford in years past.

In the past, there were discussions about the linkage between the Austin Chalk and the Eagle Ford.


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