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Greetings.  This is for mineral owners generally located between Breslau and Dubina; Freyburg and Komensky.  If you don't know where these places are, you're probably in the wrong place.

Our focus is on activity or even rumors of activity in this general area during these difficult times in the oil patch.

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Here is Delago's website http://www.delagoresources.com/


Well if u read the above article it appears one of the managing partner of Delago (Jacob Warnock) has already filed bankruptcy in the last two years. Lets just hope he manages Delago's money a little better then he did the last companies. Then again oil plummeting the way it did wasnt exactly all his fault.

Delago is not exactly a household word is it... So if you go to the link that PJD provided and then click the About tab, you'll see right there in the second paragraph whazzup.  They partnered up late last year with some money people; particularly Juniper Capital and to a lesser extent, Boomtown Oil & Gas.  You can scroll to the bottom of their home page and click on those two links there for additional information on those two entities.  So it looks like Delago has money to spend.

On another subject, I've always had really poor luck in researching the RRC site for production figures, but yet earlier today the stars aligned and I was able to look at the data from the Wolters well.  I was surprised because I was under the impression that it had been totally FUBARed but it's actually produced some, particularly back in Sept-Oct 2014.

On a personal note, I was called by GeoSouthern on Wednesday and then by Jeter on Thursday looking to lease my property.  Things are getting pretty busy that's for sure but all this is just speculation until a well or two is drilled.  Then we'll know something for sure.

Hello WI and fellow posters! Its been a long time since I posted mainly due to the fact that crude dominated the Western Lavaca Eagleford and shut out Eastern Lavaca area especially with crude trading +$90 for such a long time.  All the posts were coming from the "western oilers" along the 95 corridor which I have to admit sounded very promising.   I had high hopes when ZaZa was drilling the Grahmann and Conniff wells on the eastern side especially when I saw the size of the gas flare. Unfortunately at the time, those two wells were mainly natural gas and (IMO) engineering disasters.  I am happy to report that the "eastern gassers" are coming back. I have received a lease offer from Jeter (confirmed EOG) for $600 3/2 and 22.5%.  I am south of 532 on the east side of 77 and my source tells me that their goal is to acquire 20,000 acres. A neighbor northeast of me received an offer from GeoSouthern for $300 3/2 and 20% which they unfortunately agreed too a few months earlier. Jeter has been acquiring their northern portion, closer to Schulenberg, and now following up with the southern portion. Supposedly they are after a porous formation above the Pearsall which I do not know if it is crude or gas.  My guess is that it is wet gas due to the fact of the location and that natural gas is on the rise. Demand is expected to increase especially with the LNG projects coming online.  Our location has the infrastructure to move the gas to the Gulf plants which is imperative because you can not truck or rail ng like you can crude. Here's to forgetting 2016 and welcoming 2017!

I was looking on the RRC site at Briscoe well info.  Since it's vertical but down to about the average depth as most other wells in our area, my guess is that it's a test well.  But the interesting part is that it's owned by GeoSouthern Operating II, LLC.  I looked up Cernosek, and it's owned by GeoSouthern Energy Corporation.  That took me to the State Comptroller site, and a 'GeoSouthern' search returned 23 items all named GeoSouthern.  I'm not implying that this is fishy in any way, but I find it interesting that Cernosek and Briscoe are being done by two different entities of the same company.

But never mind the back story.  I guess we'll find out soon enough if they find what they're looking for down there.  So hoping for the best, if you look at a map and assume 155 as more or less north - south use that as a reference, start at Briscoe and go north and Cernosek is almost due north.  Plus which, on that same line is where 90 crosses under 10 east of SBG.  (Some of you may still call it Nickerson Farms like I do, even though that place has been closed for 30 years or so.)  Grahmann at Appelts Hill is just a little SW of Briscoe.

So never mind off to the NE towards Mullins Prairie because that's not our area of discussion, but Briscoe could be testing the SE corner of what we're all interested in.

Mr. ML: I emailed Delago about leasing. My property is in southern Fayette and they said they are not leasing that far north. Do you know if they are primarily leasing around the Shiner area?

Their office is in Shiner, and they are leasing tracts that are within or very close by successful EF wells/units.  That is why some of their offers have gotten as high at $1300/acre.....but they are still being turned down by quite a few mineral owners...since they are adjacent to good producing units...The mineral owners are wanting more, and Delago is having a hard time coming up with continuous acreage in the more proven areas.

Has anyone heard of Pallas Energy Services?  My minerals are in the Fayette/Austin/Colorado County area and they've come in trying to get me to lease.  I did some internet research and see that the company is tied to a lease broker out of Lafayette - Schoeffler - so he has to be fronting for a company.  Anyone know who Pallas is leasing for? I don't like leasing without knowing who the operator will be.

Bart, Did you find out anything about Pallas or did you feel comfortable enough to lease with them? I couldn't find any information on them myself.

Sounds like there's a new player in town?  www.modernexploration.com  Did any of you attend their meeting and would anyone like to comment on their presentation?

And on another note does anybody know how any of the Geosouthern wells have turned? Seems like these wells have been a secret for quite a while.

I don't know how successful Cernosek has been, but I drove out to Ammannsville just the other day to look at it.  It's a big pad just east of Ammannsville on 1383.  You can't miss it.  No pump jack, just a christmas tree.  A huge tank battery and this is just a layman's opinion, but I'd say it's a gas well that's been producing NGLs.


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