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Anyone that has mineral rights in Crockett County interested in or know about any clas action suits against EP energy in Crockett County?

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Hi Sally! 

The "Non-Participating" part of a Non-Participating Royalty Interest (NPRI) indicates that you do not have the Executive Rights, the right to negotiate any Leases or receive any Lease Bonus payments, only the right to receive Royalties from any oil and gas produced and sold from the property. 

If you are finding royalties on the State's Unclaimed Properties Website in your Mother's and Grandmother's names, then it appears to me that the company has not been able to accurately determine the title to your interests. 

You need to "Cure" the defects to your title and send that information to the company and to the State in order for them to rectify the situation and release the royalties they have "in suspense". 

They do not begin payment of royalties or will suspend payment of royalties when they do not have clear evidence of who the rightful owners of the interests are. 

You need to research title to your interests at least from the Deed or Reservation where the subject NPRI was created (the "Source Deed") through to today and determine who inherited what from who. 

There may be a way to research the County Clerk's Records online, but the County Court and District Court Records will more than likely only be available at the Courthouse in Ozona. 

You will probably need to prepare an Affidavit of Heirship, maybe more than one, setting out your family's complete marital and family history from your Great, Great Uncle's era down to today. 

If anyone's Will was probated in another County or State, then you will need to obtain certified copies of those documents and file them in Crockett County. 

Once you have all that paperwork filed of record in Crockett County, you will need to get certified copies of those documents from the County Clerk's Office and send a set to the Company and to the State. 

They will send you what papers you need to sign in order for them to place your interests in "pay status" and begin sending you your royalties. 

If you will click on my name where it is highlighted in blue above and invite me to become "A Friend" on The Forum, we can go over your options more privately. 

Hope this helps - 


Friend request sent.

All you have stated here has all been done. Attorney suggested a deed to be filed certified in Ozona and send to Ep a copy. I think it would not hurt to also have a chain of heirship filed.

EP either did not complete the title search or took shortcuts. A cpl did the research but not good enough for Ep. They have frustrated my attorney.. so we are in limbo. She sent the required demand letter giving them 60 days to respond.and they wont take her calls now that its way past 60 days.

Looking forward to your help.


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