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I am trying to find out where some property is located in Doddridge West Virginia. They said its 29 acres shown on Tax map 12 parcels 2.1 & 5.1. any help would be greatly appreciated in location where this property is. Thank You, Ed Sheen

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You need to know the District.

Here is a website Doddridge County tax map locations  which is available on the Doddridge County Assessor's office website. If you know the District, you can select the tax map number and parcel number and see where it is in the county.

Thank you very much, there wasn't that many districts, so I tried them all and I believe I have found the property. Thanks again,


Hopefully someone has been paying the property taxes.

You can go and Google Doddridge County, WV and get their tax assessor site and use their county GIS map. I think you have the right numbers to search but you may need 17 which I think is the Doddridge County code. You most likely own the mineral rights only so when you locate it the record will show the names of the surface owners since you don't pay taxes on it.

Sorry, I didn't notice your question was already answered. I'm glad you found the location.


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